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Metal surface treatments

Our company deals with electroplating treatments for components and metal parts.

We support our customers with a fast processing service through a series of planned controls on the treatment baths to maintain optimal operating conditions, accompanied by checks on the product during processing and before shipment to the customer.

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Silver plating

We perform silver plating directly on copper alloys, with electroless nickel underlayer on aluminum, copper and iron alloys and with copper underlayer on aluminum alloys. At the customer's request, we also perform passivation of the same silver plating.

Electroless nickel plating (also known as chemical nickel plating)

We undertake the electroless nickel plating treatment according to ASTM B733-15(5) and ISO 4527:2003(6), with medium(7) or high phosphorus content on aluminum, iron, stainless steel and copper alloys, applied selectively or also as underlayer for silver plating, tin plating and galvanizing.

Electrolytic nickel plating

We perform electrolytic nickel plating according to ISO 4526:2004(8) (QQ-N-290(9)) on stainless steel and copper alloys. This treatment helps to preserve the material both in terms of aesthetic and functionality, ensuring the cleanliness of the material to be coated, in order to eliminate any traces of grease and limit any potential corrosion.

Wood’s Nickel Strike

The galvanization achieved by the use of Wood’s Nickel Strike takes place through a nickel chloride bath, which, exploiting its characteristics as “activator of passivated surfaces” allows for a coating of stainless steel or Inconel components.

Copper plating

Copper plating is a galvanic treatment consisting of a copper coating that is applied to given metal products with a a copper layer of various thicknesses. It is also used to improve the same adhesion of the different and possible treatments applied subsequently.

Tin plating

Electrolytic tin plating is a coating with good electrical conductivity and weldability, has good corrosion resistance characteristics and is also used in the food industry. We can deposit from a flash coating of tin up to more than 30µ thick, even selectively, so that only the affected parts are coated.


Acid bath galvanizing is a type of electrolytic galvanizing, which takes place in an acid bath with a pH close to 5.2, a value particularly suitable for achieving aesthetic treatments and is carried out according to ASTM B-633 standard with a “chrome” effect finish, having a decorative function as well as a definitely protective function.

Aluminum passivation

Aluminum passivation is a chromate conversion coating capable of producing a layer of protective film around the aluminum surface by transforming the same layers. It can be used both as preparation for subsequent treatments and as an isolated finishing treatment.

Stainless steel passivation

The passivation of stainless steel is a chemical treatment of surface conversion which aims to eliminate contamination by other materials, which would jeopardize the corrosion resistance of the manufactured articles and to improve the environmental resistance of the given metal.


Chemical pickling is a surface treatment used to remove residues from a given metal surface, achieving cleanliness from impurities of certain metal components. In fact, it allows extremely defined results to be quickly obtained.

Focus on the customer

We have always aimed to offer our customers serious and precise support concerning technical choices (type of treatment, thicknesses, etc.) and the requirements of use.

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Professional surface treatments

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