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BVR S.r.l. is a company specialized in the surface treatments of metals for third parties.


BVR S.r.l., industrial surface treatments

BVR S.r.l. is a company located in Sesto San Giovanni, in the province of Milan, active in the realization of surface treatments and finishes of industrial components belonging to different fields and areas of application.

Thanks to a solid “know-how” in the sector, we guarantee the manufacture of small metal parts and large industrial metal components perfectly in line with the relevant application requirements through the use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Our company policy is based on the quality of treatments, the provision of all-round services and respect for environmental sustainability.




Professional surface treatments

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Silver plating

Silver plating is a surface treatment that guarantees higher levels of hardness and gloss for the metals being treated.

Electroless nickel plating (also known as chemical nickel plating)

Nickel plating is a chemical treatment, which takes place without the use of electric current, thus guaranteeing the application of this process on any substrate and adaptable to any shape.

Electrolytic nickel plating

The adoption of electrolytic nickel plating treatment helps to preserve the material both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, limiting any potential corrosion.

Wood’s Nickel Strike

The galvanization achieved by the use of Wood’s Nickel Strike takes place through a nickel chloride bath, which, exploiting its characteristics as “activator of passivated surfaces” allows for a coating of stainless steel or Inconel components.

Copper plating

Alkaline copper plating is an electrolytic galvanic treatment that, through the use of industrial electrolytic baths, allows the given treated surface to be prepared to receive further surface treatments such as nickel plating, chrome plating and brass plating.

Tin plating

Tin plating is a very ductile surface electrolytic galvanic treatment, usually with variable porosity, which covers metal elements, such as components of small parts, including brackets, bars, screws but also electrical contacts, electrical junctions and other types.


Acid bath galvanizing is a type of electrolytic galvanizing, which takes place in an acid bath with a pH close to 5,2, a value particularly suitable for achieving aesthetic treatments.

Aluminum passivation

Aluminum passivation is a chromate conversion coating capable of producing a layer of protective film around the aluminum surface by transforming the same layers.

Stainless steel passivation

The passivation of stainless steel is a chemical surface conversion treatment to eliminate contamination by other materials (free iron particles from machining operations).


Chemical pickling is a treatment used to remove residues from previous processes from a given metal surface, by cleaning certain metal components of impurities.

Professional surface treatments

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