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Silver electroplating

The silver electroplating treatment is a process that guarantees increased levels of hardness and luster for the metals subjected to processing, giving them anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive properties.

Silver plating is a process that takes place electrolytically through immersion in silver baths. In this manner, the metal being processed sees the formation of a solid, brightly colored film. In particular, the silver electroplating treatment is used above all to treat electrical and industrial components, avoiding the occurrence of dangerous oxidation and ensuring greater durability over time.

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How it is done

Our silver electroplating treatment complies with the ASTM B700−08(4) specification and is performed:

Directly on copper alloys;

– By applying an electroless nickel underlayer on aluminum, copper and iron alloys;

– By applying a copper underlayer on aluminum alloys.

At the customer’s request, silver electroplating can be passivated to improve resistance to sulfuration by environmental pollution, or selectively applied.

We can also deposit from a flash coating of silver up to more than 50µm thick.

Aesthetic practicality

The execution of silver electroplating gives the treated metal component great levels of practicality in terms of the durability of its material itself and, at the same time, is able to give the component a greater aesthetic effect by coating it with a shiny patina, which ensures better handling of optical applications due to its high reflective power.

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