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Electrolytic nickel plating on stainless steel and copper

The electrolytic nickel plating process takes place by using an electric current to achieve a highly defined metal coating.

We perform electrolytic nickel plating according to ISO 4526:2004(8) (QQ-N-290(9)) standard on stainless steel and copper alloys. We also perform these surface treatments on series prototypes.

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Preserve the material over time

This electrolytic nickel plating treatment helps to preserve the material both in terms of aesthetic and functionality, ensuring the cleanliness of the material to be coated, in order to eliminate any traces of grease and limit any potential corrosion.

In this way, the electrolytic nickel plating treatment enables the application of a coating that is capable of preserving the machined metal component as steel and stainless steel cylinders against the action of any corrosive or abrasive phenomenon.

Not just functionality

The benefits derived from the realization of an electrolytic nickel plating treatment do not only refer to a purely practical function but also involve the aesthetic side of the same processed component.

In particular, electrolytic nickel plating is carried out to make the surface and coating of the material to be galvanized more durable and resistant both to corrosive phenomena and to mechanical wear. At the same time, the treatment of electrolytic nickel plating also performs a purely decorative function, making the surfaces to be galvanized shiny and endowed with a high aesthetic quality, resulting in glossy, sandblasted, matte as well as satin-finished and with antique effect look.

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