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Wood’s Nickel Strike

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Wood’s Nickel Strike

The galvanization achieved by the use of Wood’s Nickel Strike takes place through a nickel chloride bath, which, exploiting its characteristics as “activator of passivated surfaces” allows for a coating of stainless steel or Inconel components. This treatment allows a layer of pure nickel to be deposited, free of any other organic substance—therefore, non-passive, achieving results with excellent degrees of surface adhesion.

We deal with the galvanization of small metal parts, medium-sized parts and metal profiles on behalf of third parties.

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Flawless processing

The nickel chloride bath allows nickel plating treatment to be performed even on surfaces that are oxidized or made of metals that are not particularly prone to the nickel plating treatment, such as stainless steel or Inconel components.

Thanks to our experience in the sector, we offer our customers the possibility to realize Wood’s nickel plating treatments both on small and medium-sized metal components.

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