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Chromate conversion coating of aluminum

Aluminum passivation is a chromate conversion coating capable of producing a layer of protective film around the aluminum surface by transforming the same layers.

It is a very important process both if used as an isolated treatment, that is, as a finishing treatment, and if used as preparation for subsequent treatments, as in the case of painting, where it contributes to the adhesion between the paint itself and the surface. It is also one of the best surface treatments useful for the removal of impurities present on certain metal surfaces.

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Uses and applications

The surface treatment of aluminum passivation finds use in two main applications: as a pre-painting treatment and as a final processing treatment.

In the first case, the process of chromate conversion coating of aluminum, not only creates a coating that is particularly resistant to corrosive phenomena, but also promotes the adhesion of the paint layer to the surface.

As a final surface treatment, it improves corrosion resistance and gives the material low values of surface electrical resistivity.

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