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Alodine 1200


Alodine 1200 treatment

Alodine 1200 is a chromate conversion coating with chromium (VI: hexavalent chromium), mainly used in the military and aeronautical sectors.

The chromate conversion coating of the pieces is carried out by their immersion in a tank containing chromium, which in contact with aluminum activates the passivation of the same surface. This conversion is also widely used as a preparatory treatment for painting. In fact, the Alodine 1200 treatment prepares the piece to receive subsequent surface treatments, increasing the performance of the coatings themselves, as it makes them fully adhere to the treated surface.

The chromate conversion coating through the Alodine 1200 treatment is also used on electronic pieces because it can allow and facilitate the passage of the current on the surface of the same piece.
Our Alodine 1200 treatment complies with ASTM B449-93 and MIL-DTL-5541F Type 1 standards.

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