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Acid galvanizing

Acid bath galvanizing is a type of electrolytic galvanizing that takes place in an acid bath with a pH close to 5.2, a value particularly suitable for achieving aesthetic treatments.

Our acid bath galvanizing process is carried out according to the ASTM B-633 standard with a “chrome” effect finish, having a decorative function as well as a definitely protective function against the action of corrosion. The high resistance trivalent iridescent passivation meets RoHS regulations and allows a corrosion resistance of more than 250 hours before the appearance of white salts (so-called white rust) for treatments performed statically

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The advantages of acid bath galvanizing

The surface treatment with acid bath galvanizing offers various advantages both from an aesthetic point of view, with visual results very close to those obtained with chrome plating, and in strictly functional terms, giving the workpiece undergoing processing greater levels of resistance to both corrosive and abrasive phenomena.

This type of treatment is also much faster and less expensive than alkaline bath galvanizing, ensuring a higher rate of production.

A very versatile process

Acid bath galvanizing is a very versatile treatment, which for galvanizing most ferrous metals and alloys, including carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-treated steel, thermal deburring components and cast iron.

The acid bath galvanizing process is also very convenient for the production of large series productions.

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