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Electroless nickel plating

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Industrial electroless nickel plating

Nickel plating is a chemical treatment that takes place without the use of electric current, thus ensuring the application of this process on any substrate and adaptable to any shape.

This particular plating treatment consists in the applying of a nickel layer capable of ensuring an adequate level of protection, useful for counteracting corrosive or abrasive phenomena concerning different metallic details. We deal with medium and high phosphorus electroless nickel plating, producing a highly defined coating. Electroless nickel plating is also used as underlayer for silver plating, tin plating and galvanizing treatments, or it can be applied selectively.

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Medium phosphorus electroless nickel plating

The electroless nickel plating treatment with medium phosphorus content is carried out according to ASTM B733-15(5) and ISO 4527:2003(6) standards on aluminum, iron, stainless steel and copper alloys.

The uniform thickness of nickel plating and the high level of corrosion resistance ensure the definition of strong and functional metal parts, belonging to different sectors, ranging from the automotive to the oil hydraulics and pneumatic sector.


High phosphorus electroless nickel plating

The chemical treatment of high phosphorus nickel plating can be carried out on aluminum, iron, stainless steel and copper alloys.

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