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Chemical pickling of metal parts

Chemical pickling is a surface treatment used to remove residues of previous processes from a given metal surface, achieving cleanliness from impurities in certain metal components.

The aim of pickling is to eliminate all impurities left by previous treatments, such as oxides, in the case of all processes involving high temperatures. Specifically, in the case of metal pickling, cleaning is done by removing the surface oxide layer and all other impurities. This is intended to create a material ready to undergo further treatment.

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A necessary operation

Pickling is a chemical operation carried out to achieve the elimination of mill scale, oxides (rust) and residues of surface thermal treatments through the use of acid or alkaline solutions with the addition of surfactants and corrosion inhibitors. In fact, following the performance of processes such as welding, molding or rollingit is possible for residues to be present on the metal surface, which leads to the deposition of contaminants, which could actively damage the metal in question.

This treatment is therefore an absolutely necessary operation for the definition of elements cared in every single detail, both from a practical and functional as well as an aesthetic point of view. In particular, chemical pickling allows extremely definite results to be quickly achieved.


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